For the most demanding customers

In our offer, we have three tastefully furnished apartments. All of them meet the highest standards and are prepared to meet expectations of the most demanding guests. Each one is decorated in a different style, referring to three flowers, i.e. a lavender, sunflower and rose.

Each of the apartments offers such amenities as:

  • an elegant bathroom with a restroom – arranged with great feeling and taste. Modern, clean and fragrant. Our guests will find here subtle starter cosmetics, soft towels and warm, fluffy bathrobes.
  • a spacious balcony – where you can happily immerse into the world of your favourite book, meditate or observe the nature surrounding us.
  • tasteful, handmade furniture – saturated with good energy from the hearts of the owners who constructed it, and with their own creative work they made these original, idyllic, interior design pieces.
  • a restful double bed – with a comfortable mattress and artistic headboard and bedding of great quality which will gently soothe any traveller in need of some relaxing sleep.
  • soft and stylish floor covering – thanks to which getting up from the bed in the morning will become a tender and fuzzy pleasure.
  • central air conditioning – that will ensure pleasant coolness on a steamy day and delightful warmth on winter evenings.
  • a TV set – for those who do not want to miss the latest news or their favourite series, though we guarantee that our charming surroundings definitely win with television in this duel of attractiveness to gain attention of our guests.
  • a hairdryer
  • a number of unique knick-knacks and ornaments – tastefully and carefully selected over the years to match the individual character and theme of each room.

The rooms are cleaned by the staff every day.

In addition

our guests have at their disposal:

  • a dining room – where breakfast is served and which can be used at any time (this also applies to the dining room’s equipment e.g. dishes or cutlery).
  • hearth space – with a fireplace, beautifully decorated with natural stones.
  • the entire area of the farm and recreational equipment (terraces, garden, garden furniture, hammocks, barbecues, places for bonfires).
  • access to the wellness centre which includes a whirlpool bath with saunas.