Welcome to our Karsibór dwelling. The only such place in Poland. Situated on the charming island of Karsibór, located in the immediate vicinity of the Karsiborska Kępa bird sanctuary and the vast areas of the Wolin National Park.

It is here, away from the everyday hustle and bustle, among forests and wavy meadows, that we have found a unique place which we would like to share with you. Our facility is a place living in symbiosis with nature, exceptionally friendly, smelling of wood, flowers and a warm cake.

Feniks is a newly built facility in which we have combined modernity and freshness with the rural character of the decor, ornaments and flavours. We are open for you all year long, offering our guests the seasonal treasures of nature, birdsong, clean air and romantic views of backwaters of the Stara Świna river. Our farm is spread over the total area of 4 hectares, wrapped with numerous trees, bushes and the aroma of sun-warmed fragrant flowers.

If you like long walks and close contact with nature, then our place is just for you. Active people will also find ideal conditions for indulging their passions. The surroundings abound in numerous cycle and walking routes, and tourist attractions involving architectural monuments of Świnoujście and smaller towns in Poland and at our German neighbours.

If you love water sports, sailing, kitesurfing or kayaking, in close proximity to our agritourism you will find a friendly local marina that offers a number of options to pleasantly spend time engaged in sport activities.

There is a beautiful seaside beach not far from our farm. Its main advantage is that – given that it is less known – tourists do not visit it so often, so it preserves a magical mood, discretion and a climate of mystery. No windbreaks, crowds and noise.

Since there are a lot of places for families with children on the agritourism market, we have decided to create a place different from others and dedicated for adults only. We love children very much; however, we have decided that the mission of our place is to provide guests with rest, free from noise and obligations related to taking care of children.

We believe that people looking for a place for a serene stay on their own will appreciate our offer of peace and quiet.

If you feel that this place can be an ideal spot for your rest do not hesitate to contact us to find out the details.

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We also invite you to our SPA relaxation zone where you will find an illuminated, climatic pool, a relaxing whirlpool bathtub and a sunny, herb-scented sauna. Our entire Karsibór life has begun with our great love for horses and the whole group of our smaller brethren. Many of them have been saved from misery. They have found shelter both in our hearts and on our farm. We have horses, ponies, goats, dogs and cats, pigeons and peacocks. Free. Beautiful. Nobly calm.

Why are we called ‘Feniks’, i.e. Phoenix? Where does our name come from? The answer is very simple. One of our first beloved dogs was called Feniks. When we lost him, we felt great fondness for this name. From the immense longing, we have given this name to our next beloved animals. Thanks to this, we have had a constant feeling that – at least in such a symbolic way – our beloved dog can remain in our memory and in the sound of the name.

All our animals move freely throughout the entire farm, feasting our eyes. They repay us with their great loyalty and devotion. We also invite you to horse riding – to our rural, family stud. If you want to learn horse riding, our instructor will guide you in your first ‘steps’ in this respectable sport. If you are already an experienced rider, we will organise for you a ride to some beautiful spot.

Unfortunately, due to the large number of our own animals, we would like to inform you that we do not accept guests arriving with their pets. We love all living creatures very much. However, owing to the safety of our pets and in order to avoid misunderstandings and situations that could threaten their welfare and health, we have to refuse to welcome other animals. We ask for your understanding.